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Carol, Tony and Daryl
This week I had the pleasure of attending the annual RIMS Users Conference at South Lake Tahoe California. RIMS is a software product from Sun Ridge Systems, Inc. that is used by police and fire departments for computer aided dispatch (CAD) and records management.

Sun Ridge Systems is a small company that has developed a large and passionately loyal group of public-safety clients. The firm is owned by Tony Richards who has been in the public-safety software business for many years. Tony has developed a team of programmers, trainers, tech support professionals and police business process experts that is second to none. The small company has possibly developed the best solution in today’s marketplace for managing a small to medium-size police department or sheriff’s office.

Competition in the public-safety software sector is fierce and RIMS is the best product I’ve seen so far. It typically costs less than half of what similar products sell for and the company seems to consistently deliver more than what it promises.

Sun Ridge Systems, Inc.