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Broadcast radio is an extremely difficult business in which to survive and many of the potentially best broadcasters move on to other careers in search of stability and financial success. Some of these folks never get broadcasting out of their blood and a few have found a way to reignite their love for broadcasting after retirement.

KSAV is an Internet-only broadcast station operated by Dan White and the Share-A-Vision radio network. It features an eclectic mix of tunes from the 1940’s through the 1960’s presented in an old fashioned block programming format. Radio shows include “Perfectly Frank” featuring music by Frank Sinatra and a mix of oldies on the “Dusty Records” hour.

Susan McCray hosts “Getting to Know You” on KSAV where Susan interviews some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Susan is a well-known Hollywood casting professional and author with a seemingly endless list of interesting guests for her radio show on KSAV.

Dave White hosts “Talking Television” on KSAV. Dave bills his show as the best television on radio and I must agree. Dave’s guests are always diverse and interesting. Tune in if you’re interested in knowing the inside story about your favorite television programs of the past and present. Dave and his guests can be heard live on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:30 PM Pacific.

KSAV programs can be heard live via the Internet and can be downloaded as Podcasts.