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Yesterday a client forwarded to me the most outrageous attempt I’ve seen so far to exploit the FCC’s mandate for narrow-band operation.   In this example, Sprint claims that a licensee must give up its radio system because of the FCC mandate and solicits business for its cell phone network.  Sprint’s deceptive marketing ploy erroneously suggests land mobile radio users must vacate certain frequencies because the spectrum is to be reallocated for exclusive public safety use.

In most cases, radio equipment manufactured in the last 12 years can be converted to narrow-band operation by reprogramming.  FCC licenses must be amended to show narrow band emission.  Replacement is necessary only for very old equipment.  There is no need to change to new frequencies or implement digital modulation.

Two of the most credible sources of online information about the FCC”s narrow band mandate are and  is sponsored by the Telecommunications Group of the Shulman Roger law firm in Potomac, MD. is sponsored by Quality Mobile Communications in Vancouver, WA.

Here’s the message from Sprint:

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “Pinneke, Dale [BMG]” <>
Sent: Thu, September 2, 2010 2:19:59 PM
Subject: FCC Mandate for Land Mobile Radio Users

Hello  my name Dale Pinneke from Sprint. The purpose of my email is to find out what you are doing to comply with the Government (FCC ) Narrow-Banding Mandate which requires companies like yours to move off of the radio bands you are on today because it is going to be reallocated  for Public Safety only. This means that by 2011 you cannot add anymore users to your group and by 2012 you will be forced to buy new equipment and move to a lower band.

We have a special program at Sprint to help companies like yours where we will buy back your old equipment , program the new equipment, provide training and ongoing dedicated support (STS white glove support , not the regular Sprint 800 number but a team that knows your account and understands what solution your company has)

I would like to set an appointment with you to discuss your options……what day/time will work for you?

Thank you,


Dale Pinneke
Business Account Executive
Sprint Nextel Corp.
408-608-7501 Mobile