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10/15/2010 update —

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and Santa Clara County Executive Jeff Smith formerly request Matthew Bettenhausen of the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) to rescind its report regarding the review of the Project Cornerstone BTOP grant application that resulted in a $50M award to Motorola.  Click here to read the letter.

Click hear to read an article in Urgent Communications regarding this issue: “California agency approves Bay Area grant process, but questions remain.”

10/12/2010 update —

Click here to read the “Officials question $50 million Motorola grant” by Vic Lee

Response from Santa Clara County and City of San Jose to NTIA regarding BayWEB (10/12/2010)

10/11/2010 update —

KCBS Radio – San Jose Mayor charges broadband network with ethical conflict – Potential conflicts of interest seen in first-responder network

SF Examiner – Broadband emergency network plans come unplugged

10/05/2010 update —

Letter from Anthony Wilhelm, NTIA to City of San Jose and County of Santa Clara – Strickling of NTIA Stands Behind Controversial $50M San Francisco BayWEB Public Safety Grant

10/01/2010 update —

Santa Clara County Executive Jeffrey Smith tells Laura Phiilps, Executive Director of the Bay Area UASI that her response to the County’s concern is “inaccurate, misleading and non-responsive.”   Click here to read Mr. Smith’s letter.

The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports updated information on this serious ethical issue.  Click here to read the article. – San Francisco City Attorney Begins Look at Ethical Charges in Broadband Stimulus Grant


In August 2008 I first wrote about the appearance of impropriety at the Bay Area SUASI headed by former Motorola employee Laura Phillips.  Today an in-depth article appeared in the online journal “” that offers a more detailed examination of the magnitude of the apparent misbehavior. 09/29/2010 San Francisco – The City of San Francisco has produced what is fast becoming regarded as the most controversial, problematic, and potentially illegal broadband stimulus award under the entire $7.2 billion federal program.

The local selection process which resulted in Motorola, Inc. (MOT) receiving a $50 million federal broadband stimulus grant on behalf of public safety agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area reveals questionable public procurement practices managed by  the administration of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

These problems are pointed to by the chief executives of the 2 largest governments in the region, as they call for suspension of the federal project award. It appears however that neither of the 2 current reviews of the award, 1 federal and 1 state, is scoped or resourced to examine the fundamental flaws evident in the selection process.

Click here to read the full article at

The following links are to my previous articles about impropriety at the Bay Area SUASI.

Click here for a comprehensive list of documents related to BayWEB.