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The latest snag to hit the Bay Area’s troubled attempt to build a Motorola 700 MHz LTE system for first responders involves serious accusations about radio spectrum rights.  It appears that Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern may have acted beyond the scope of his authority in signing a spectrum lease agreement.   San Jose Mayor Reed says that he and his staff have been unable to find any indication of Ahern’s authority to sign the documents.  Furthermore, it appears that some agreements related to “Project Cornerstone” have been executed by government officials on behalf of “make believe” entities that don’t legally exist.

The documents that have been sent to me indicate strong evidence of political corruption and conspiracy to commit fraud in the Bay Area.

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The questionable relationship between San Francisco and Motorola dates back to at least 1995 when the SF Grand Jury submitted a scathing report which documented impropriety related to a $50 million radio communications system that was reportedly obsolete at time of purchase. A Federal judge found that the city had violated its own laws and rendered the Motorola agreement moot. The system was eventually purchased without regard to the judge’s finding.

See for yourself.  Here are links to recent correspondence related to BayWEB and Project Cornerstone (PDF files)  (Updated 12/13/2010)

More documents related to BayWEB and Project Cornerstone are available at and

The following links are to PDF documents related to formation of the Bay Area UASI, the BayWEB “teaming agreement” and the formation of the BayRICS Policy Group.

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