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Bay Area television station KTVU reporter Lloyd LaCuesta reports on the continuing controversy over the proposed grant-funded public-safety broadband communications network known as BayWEB.  San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed stands firm on his commitment to expose the improprieties related to the manner in which the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) orchestrated the award of a $50 Million homeland security grant to Motorola.  Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern defends his position in sponsoring the questionable project.

Mayor Reed intimates that he will personally make President Obama aware of the BayWEB issues.  Reed questions the ethics and transparency surrounding the selection of Motorola for this project.  I question the actions of the Bay Area UASI management team in its ongoing quest to pour as much local and Federal money as possible toward Motorola communications technology. BayWEB doesn’t meet the needs of first responders and is fiscally unsustainable.

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