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The improprieties stemming from the Bay Area UASI’s sponsorship of Motorola’s application for a $50M Federal BTOP grant continue to mount. Top officials from the County of Santa Clara and City of San Jose continue to document the wrongdoing, and Federal officials at the U.S. Department of Commerce continue to make excuses to cover up what appears to a be a well-orchestrated conspiracy.

Laura Phillips continues to serve as the Bay Area UASI Executive Director, along with her team of former Motorola employees.  Lawrence Stricking, the Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at the Commerce Department NTIA is responsible for the Federal oversight of the BTOP program.  Mr. Strickling is an attorney previously employed by Kirkland and Ellis, LLP, a law firm.  This firm includes Motorola in its portfolio of clients.

“It is simply not acceptable to put Motorola’s interests above the mandated ARRA principles of integrity and transparency”, stated Santa Clara County Executive Jeff Smith.

Smith also points out that a $50M grant alone will not be enough to make the BayWEB project work. It will cost at least ten times this amount to complete the project. The project will fail for everyone except Motorola.

Here is Lawrence Strickling’s absolutely bizarre response to the complaint made by the City of San Jose and County of Santa Clara.

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