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Motorola Solutions is continuing its long history of controlling market share through political influence according to an article that appeared in today’s issue of Politico Pro.

I believe that voice over broadband technology will be the dominant technology used in future radio communications systems for law enforcement, the fire service, and other first responders.  Might Motorola Solutions see a looming problem if FirstNet is successful in creating a secure, standards-based system that allowed for true competitive procurement of equipment?  Would Motorola survive if it could no longer control the marketplace by introducing proprietary variants to industry standards and sell its products to captive customers for predatory prices?

06/28/2013 PoliticoPro

Motorola Solutions is angling behind the scenes to knock the credibility of a major public safety wireless network that might end up eating into its bottom line.

The telecom company is lobbying firefighters and police officers to criticize FirstNet, the entity overseeing the new communications system, on the company’s behalf. And it’s supplied those first responders with a “sample letter” — a missive without any Motorola Solutions fingerprints — that alleges FirstNet disregards public safety needs, lacks transparency and suffers from serious conflicts of interest.

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