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03/30/2014 – McClatchy Newspaper correspondents Greg Gordon and Lydia Mulvany conducted a 7-month investigation into the ongoing improprieties related to multi-million dollar contracts awarded to Motorola Solutions, Inc. for public-safety radio systems.  Countless failures of these incredibly expensive and often problematic systems have jeopardized the safety of our first responders.  These well-researched articles will help you understand the magnitude of the problem.

How Motorola bested Raytheon and captured L.A. County’s emergency radio contract

It looked in the summer of 2011 as if electronics giant Raytheon Corp. had gained a major foothold in the U.S. emergency communications market long dominated by one company: Motorola.

Kansas gives Motorola $50 million contact, based on bids from 1991
Without inviting competitive bids, Kansas officials awarded Motorola a $50 million deal to build a new statewide emergency radio network by crafting it as an amendment to a contract signed 14 years earlier.

How one timely purchase of hardware bent a radio contract Motorola’s way
It was just one piece of equipment in an intricate emergency digital radio network, but the 2005 purchase of a Motorola master controller by California’s Alameda County started an often nasty intra-governmental tug of war that has worn on…

Misrepresentations help Motorola get a $50 million federal grant
As a Motorola saleswoman from 2004 to 2006, Laura Phillips coached local officials on how to secure state and federal grant money to pay for new public safety radio equipment.

With friends in government, Motorola beats a path to telecom supremacy
At the eastern end of the San Francisco Bay Area, Sheriff Warren Rupf of Contra Costa County and cigar-chomping Sheriff Charlie Plummer of neighboring Alameda County were political powerhouses seemingly locked in an endless duel of one-upsmanship…

Motorola spreads its money and influence far and wide
Motorola executives don’t talk much about their efforts to win friends in high places, but a trail of public records provides the outlines of the company’s attempts to cultivate loyalty and befriend key government decision makers.

After Motorola parlays Katrina’s devastation into telecom riches, new Mississippi system lies follow
Mississippi’s governor fought back hard from one of Hurricane Katrina’s more exasperating blows – a knockout punch to emergency radio systems that forced rescue workers along parts of the Gulf Coast to communicate with hand-car…