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Only a small percentage of problems with digital trunked radio systems are reported by the news media, however there are a sufficient number of stories to establish reasonable doubt as to the suitability of these systems. In fact, there is a clear pattern that would cause a reasonable and prudent person to entertain a strong and honest suspicion as to the suitability of this technology for mission-critical public safety radio communication.

How widespread are these problems? I would like to hear your story if you are a first responder and rely on a digital trunked radio system for essential communication. Click here to send me e-mail.

In some cases, public-safety executives issue gag orders that bar employees and contractors from discussing system shortcomings. Employees face disciplinary action for talking about the communications systems that they rely on for personal safety. Sometimes it’s best to call the baby ugly.

Your e-mail and periodic Internet searches have revealed numerous stories about digital trunked radio system problems and related topics. Here are links to a some of the stories.

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