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Over the past few years I’ve written several articles about digital and trunked radio systems that have been distributed to clients and published on this website. The articles have elicited a strong emotional reaction from many of the people who have read them.

Click here to read some of the articles I’ve collected that were published by others.

Here is a summary of recent articles about this topic.

Some of the politicians, bureaucrats and sales people who have read my articles are enraged, as if they are one of the faithful and I just walked into their church and proclaimed that their God doesn’t exist. Most of the engineers and technicians
who have commented about my articles generally agree with my analysis.

Why did I write these articles? A large segment of the public-safety community is dissatisfied with the performance, reliability and exceedingly high cost of digital trunked radio systems. Many agencies that are considering this technology are uncertain about its suitability. My comments are intended to cause law enforcement and fire service executives to seriously consider the downside of extraordinarily complex, computer-controlled radio systems. Simple, diverse, and much less expensive communications systems are often a better choice.

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